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Map of the Americas
Johannes de Laet.

Leiden, 1633. An important map of the Americas, published in the atlas of the Americas by de Laet, a director of the Dutch West India Company. As such, de Laet had access to the latest geographic data: he resisted the concept of California as an island, giving what Burden calls 'the best west coast delineation to date'. Burden also comments on the 'more open style of engraving' that influenced both Blaeu and Jansson.

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Map of the Western Hemisphere
John Dower

London, Orr & Smith, c.1840. The Americas, with New Zealand and the islands of the Pacific.

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Map of the Americas
Alexander Findlay.

London, c.1840. With Hawaii & New Zealand.

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Tallis's map of America
John Tallis.

London, & New York, John Tallis & Co., c.1851. This is one of the most decorative 19th century maps of the Americas. The map is a circular hemisphere completely surrounded by steel-engraved vignettes featuring whales, natives, and indigenous animals, all tied together with a vine-style border. The map extends to include New Zealand and the Solomon Islands in the Pacific and the Cape Verde Islands in the Atlantic. Alaska is Russian America and New California occupies all the west coast. The boundaries of an Independent Texas appear but the coloring includes it as a part of the United States. The coast of Antarctica is just beginning to appear.

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River Systems of America
A.K. Johnston.

Edinburgh & London: William Blackwood & Sons, 1856. North & South America, coloured to show which ocean, etc, the rivers empty into. With insets of Niagara, the Mississippi Delta and the Orinoco.

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