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Cook's Voyage through the Bering Straits

Paris, c.1785. Captain James Cook's third and final expedition was sent to try to find the North West Passage from the Pacific. The ship sailed though the Bering Straits to be blocked by the icewall. Turning south they sailed to Hawaii where Cook was killed. Published in a French account of Cook's Voyages.

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Cook's crew shooting Walruses

Paris, c.1785. A scene from Cook's Third Voyage (1776-80), during which he explored north-west America in search of the North West Passage. He ordered nine walruses to be shot for provisions, forcing the crew to eat the meat they regarded as inedible, one of the acts used as evidence that Cook was not acting rationally towards the end of his life. This example was published in a French edition of the official account of the voyage.

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Map of the Falkland Islands

Paris, c.1775. A map of the early voyages around the Falkland Islands.

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Map of New Guinea, with Cook & Dampier's voyages

Paris, c.1775. The routes of British explorers around New Guinea, 1699-1770, published in a French account of Cook's Voyages.

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Cook's Chart of Christmas Sound

Paris, c.1785. Cook reached Christmas Sound near Tierra del Fuego on 25th & 26th December 1774, returning to England on his Second Voyage. His manuscript log notes that 'except those little tufts of shrubbery, the whole country was a barren Tack (i.e Rock) doomed by Nature to everlasting sterility'. Engraved by Benard for a French edition of Cook's Voyages.

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