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Braun & Hogenberg Kostajnica
Braun & Hogenberg KostajnicaBraun & Hogenberg.
Castanowiz Croatiæ Propugnaculum.
Cologne, 1617. 330 x 450mm. Coloured. A view of Kostajnica, now Kostajnica in Bosnia & Herzegovina and Hrvatska Kostajnica in Croatia, separated by a bridge over the river Una. The town was taken by the Ottomans in 1556 and was occupied until 1687, although Braun's commentary here tells of the brief liberation of 1594.
The plan, by Jorge Hoefnagel, was published in the sixth and last volume of the 'Civitas Orbis Terrarum', which contained many plans illustrating events in the recent wars between the Holy Roman Empire and the Ottomans.



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