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An early 17th century prospect of Polná
An early 17th century prospect of PolnáBraun & Hogenberg.
Polna vulgo Polm insign: Bohemiæ civitas Regnum a Moravia dividens.
Cologne, 1617. 325 x 490mm. Coloured. A view of Polná, on the trade route from Prague to Vienna. Stragely the town belonged to Moravia and its castle to Bohemia.
The plan, by Jorge Hoefnagel, was published in the sixth and last volume of the 'Civitas Orbis Terrarum', which contained many plans illustrating events in the recent wars between the Holy Roman Empire and the Ottomans.
The 'Civitatis Orbis Terrarum' was the first methodical series of town plans, issued in six volumes between 1572 & 1617. The plans were collected from different sources, resulting in a wide range of artistic styles, and were engraved by Franz Hogenberg, with a text edited by Georg Braun. Designed as a sister publication to the Ortelius atlas, the 'Theatrum Orbis Terrarum', it included many of the earliest extant plans of many places, including London.


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